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Even in today’s electronic world, print has a place. At a tradeshow people still want brochures. Signage, door hangers, even calendars provide unique opportunities to get your message out and reach an audience in ways other methods can't.


FedEx – Activity Book

FedEx has a history of helping endangered species like the Loggerhead Sea Turtles affected by the Gulf spill. FedEx transported the eggs and hatchlings (with the sand they were laid in to help keep their bond with that beach) to Florida where they were they are released. The hope is in 20 years when they are ready to lay eggs; they will head back to that original Gulf beach.

To help spread the word of this great work FedEx enlisted CBM to create this coloring/activity book to chronicle the journey of two of these turtles, Iggy and Sue. It’s been a big hit and we couldn’t be prouder of our work! 

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